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Please Complete the CTU Borrower's Application

If you have a co-borrower, they will have to complete this application as well.

1 Authorization Agreements
2 Contact Information
3 Loan and Property Info
4 Lender/Seller Information
5 Borrower Info
6 Employment Info
7 Assets & Liabilities
8 Declarations
9 Demographic Info
Privacy Notice

This information is to be used by Call the Underwriter, LLC, All States Lending, LLC and Think One Mortgage (Company NMLS125182)  or its assignees (Lender/Broker) in determining whether you qualify as a prospective mortgagor under its program. It will not be disclosed outside the agency except as required and permitted by law. You do not have to provide this information, but if you do not your application for approval as a prospective mortgagor or borrower may be delayed or rejected. The information requested in this form is authorized by Title 38, USC, Chapter 37 (if VA); by 12 USC, Section 1701 et. seq. (if HUD/FHA); by 42 USC, Section 1452b (if HUD/CPD); and Title 42 USC, 1471 et. seq., or 7 USC, 1921 et. seq. (if USDA/FmHA). I hereby authorize Call the Underwriter, LLC and its affiliate Think One Mortgage (NMLS 125182) to verify my past and present employment earnings records, bank accounts, stock holdings, and any other asset balances that are needed to process my mortgage loan application. I further authorize Call the Underwriter, LLC and their affiliates to order a consumer credit report and verify other credit information, including past and present mortgage and landlord references. It is understood that a copy of this form will also serve as authorization. The information that Call The Underwriter, LLC and its affiliates obtains is only to be used in the processing of my application for a mortgage loan.

E-Sign & Disclosures

Federal law requires you receive certain disclosures and information about the products, services, or accounts you may receive or access in connection with your relationship with us ("Required Information"). With your consent we can deliver Required Information to you by a) displaying or delivering the Required Information electronically, and b) requesting that you print or download the Required Information and retain it for your records. This notice contains important information before you consent to electronic delivery of Required Information. Your consent also permits the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures in connection with the Required Information. After you have read this INK-it Disclosures and Consent, if you agree to receive Required Information from us electronically, and if you agree to the general use of electronic records and electronic signatures in connection with our relationship, please "SIGN" below. Statement of electronic disclosures: Call the Underwriter LLC and Think One Mortgage (NMLS125182).  If you consent to electronic disclosures, that consent applies to all required Information we give you or receive from you in connection with our relationship and the associated notices, disclosures, and other documents. You agree to print out or download Required Information when we advise you to do so and keep it for your records. If you are unable to print or download any Required Information, you may call us and request paper copies. If you need to update your e-mail address or other contact information with us, you may do so by calling us and requesting the necessary updates. Your consent does not mean that we must provide the Required Information electronically. We may at our option deliver Required Information on paper. We may also require that certain communications from you be delivered to us on paper at a specified address. Withdrawing Consent: If you would like to withdraw your consent to receive future documents electronically and would prefer paper copies, please call us. If you withdraw your consent to receive documents electronically, the electronic service you are using will become unavailable to you, and your consent will not affect the validity or enforceability of prior electronic documents you received. I have read the information about the use of electronic records, disclosures, notices, and email, and consent to the use of electronic records for the delivery of Required Information in connection with our relationship. I will be able to view this information using my computer and software. I have an account with an internet service provider, and I am able to send e-mail and receive e-mails with hyperlinks to websites and attached files. I also consent to the use of electronic records and electronic signatures in place of written documents and handwritten signatures.

Is there a Co-Buyer?
Co-Borrower's Acknowledgement
Any dependents?
Do you own or rent your current place?
Check the box below if you are self employed.
Are there any outstanding judgements against you?
Have you been declared bankrupt within the past 7 years?
Ever had property foreclosed upon or given title or deed in lieu thereof in the last 7 years?
Are you a party to a lawsuit?
Have you directly or indirectly been obligated on any loan which resulted in foreclosure, transfer of title in lieu of foreclosure, or judgement?
Are you presently delinquent or in default on any Federal debt or any other loan, mortgage, financial obligation, bond, or loan guarantee?
Are you obligated to pay alimony, child support, or separate maintenance?
Is any part of the down payment borrowed?
Are you a co-maker or endorser on a note?
Are you a U.S. Citizen?
Are you a permanent resident alien?
Do you intend to occupy the subject property as your primary residence?
Have you had an ownership interest in a property in the last three years?