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Borrower's Resources

  • Step 1

    Click on the link at the bottom of the page (after reading all 3 steps) and complete the loan application.

    Ensure you fill out the online application COMPLETELY !  If you skip portions we cannot properly evaluate your eligibility for a loan and this will slow the process as we will have to hold everything up while asking for all the missing information.  If there are 2 borrowers, you can add the second borrower on this link also.  You’ll see a tab to add 2nd borrower.  Have them complete everything the same way you do for borrower 1.

  • Step 2

    Log back in after pushing the SUBMIT button and sending the loan application to us.  Once you log back in, the system will bring you to a landing page allowing you to upload the necessary income documents to substantiate your income listed in the application.  Follow the below listed guide for what to upload.


    W2 Wage Earner Job:   Submit (last year’s W2, plus 2 most recent pay stubs)

    Pension jobs:  (Social Security, disability, VA, Military, other pensions)  Submit award letter or last year’s 1099.

    Self-employed:  Submit (last year’s business tax return, or 12 months of current bank deposits)

  • Step 3

    Once complete, contact your lender/seller and confirm that you have submitted the application and income documents to us through the link provided.

Russ at call the underwriter did a wonderful job helping me with my first loan. Russ was able to get all the required documents to ensure Borrower is qualified and verified their ability to pay the loan. Russ is very professional and eager to help and answered all my questions clearly and patiently. Upon verification and completing the underwriting processes Russ forwards the official Approval Certificate. Will definitely work with Russ for all my future underwriting needs.

June Chen