We are not a lender, and we do not originate loans.

We help Seller Finance investors ensure their borrowers meet the 8 required elements of Ability to Repay outlined in Dodd-Frank. We provide underwriting services only for seller financers, to help them meet their federal requirements under Dodd-Frank and the Safe Act for Seller Finance transactions of owner-occupied home loans.

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Underwriting = Risk Evaluation


How to submit your underwriting package:

To submit a new borrower package for Dodd-Frank underwriting, please provide the following information:
Loan Underwritting


Complete the TERM Sheet

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Completed 1003

(Uniform Residential Loan Application)
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Sign Authorization

To pull credit for each borrower.
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Investor Resources

For private investors in real estate, having a Term Sheet that is Dodd-Frank compliant is paramount to ensuring your investment goes as planned. Term sheets are necessary documents that outline the terms of the investment and provide an overview of all parties involved. Term sheets should be professionally prepared to ensure they meet Dodd-Frank compliance standards.

By reviewing your Term Sheet in detail to ensure Dodd-Frank compliance, you can make sure that your investment is sold and meets all the regulations. This will help protect your rights as an investor and ensure that your investment is a success.

Have you ever sold real estate and held a promissory note? If so, have you considered how much money could be earned from selling all or part of the payments quickly? There are some valid reasons for wanting to sell off your notes fast.

There are many reasons to sell your note, such as paying off debts, investing the money elsewhere with a better return, diversifying your portfolio, or simply gaining peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to take all of the steps necessary in order to ensure its value.


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